• March 16, 2022

SOHAR Port and Freezone Demonstrates Environmental Efforts during Oman Sustainability Week

SOHAR Port and Freezone took part in Oman Sustainability Week alongside the ASYAD Group to share the success of environmentally conscious practices introduced throughout the complex and prove its commitment to sustainability. As industries move towards cleaner forms of energy, SOHAR has developed strategic programmes to improve health and education, create jobs, reduce inequality and spur economic growth.


SOHAR has dedicated resources to creating a solid foundation for sustainable development in the fields of Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE), circular economy, clean energy and energy conservation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and clean shipping, all while tackling climate change challenges to protect the planet for the future generations which will be an added value for Oman’s sustainable development.


Mark Geilenkirchen, CEO of SOHAR Port said, “SOHAR Port and Freezone has always strived to deliver on its commitment to sustainability. This is clear in our efforts to tie up with industries within the complex to move towards sustainable forms of energy and set up projects in line with this concept. In addition, we presented our Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS), which is used in the Port and Freezone to ensure an ideal balance between industrial development and environmental protection. Oman Sustainability Week is an opportunity to share success stories, ideas and learn from each other by taking a more sustainable approach to the country’s ongoing economic development.”


SOHAR also offers incentives to ships and international shipping companies that express a commitment to reducing air emissions under the Global Ports Climate Initiative and following the standards set by the International Maritime Organization. Measurements of the environmental footprint of ships visiting SOHAR are checked by the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) with the port offering 5% discount on port fees to shipping companies that have made



added investments in their ships and crew to improve environmental performance, safety and quality. SOHAR rewarded 252 ships in 2021, 239 ships in 2020 and 148 ships in 2019, illustrating an ongoing commitment to reducing the environmental impact of ships docking at the port.