• July 15, 2019

SOHAR Holds Annual Herring Reception

  • Celebrating the longstanding partnership between SOHAR and Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands
  • The event also witnessed the presence of several renowned maritime experts
SOHAR Port and Freezone hosted the Annual Herring Reception on June 18, where members of the SOHAR team were joined by shipping agents to celebrate the unique Dutch tradition at Crowne Plaza, Suhar, after taking part in the Annual Shipping Agent’s Meeting.

Commenting on the importance of the Annual Herring Reception, Mark Geilenkirchen, CEO of SOHAR Port and Freezone said, “SOHAR is always committed to building new relationships and strengthening our current ones. Today, we are playing a part in connecting our staff, partners and associates at SOHAR with the culture of the Netherlands, inviting them to join us in celebrating our traditions and experiences. The herring event is a great opportunity to showcase our gratitude and reaffirms Oman’s strong ties with the people of Holland, as well as the close relationship we have with our partner, the Port of Rotterdam.”

The first day of the annual herring fishing season signifies the arrival of the tasty ‘nieuwe maatjes’ herring delicacy from the clear waters of the Netherlands. Shipping agents and members of the SOHAR team joined in celebrating the traditional Dutch event.

Mark continued, “We were joined by the shipping agents who took part in our Annual Shipping Agents meeting earlier in the day, where we introduced new procedures and practices taking place at SOHAR. This is a clear indication of our active involvement in regularly connecting with our industry partners and stakeholders to update them on the latest developments and innovations at the Port and Freezone”

The Shipping Agents meeting kicked-off with the launch of SOHAR Navigate, a navigation tool showcasing the most efficient routes and port connections across the world, followed by several briefing sessions and workshop discussions. Agents shared insights on the latest industry trends and updates, and discussed innovative methods to attract additional business to SOHAR in the future.