• January 01, 2019

On your marks, get set, get Sohar active

  • SOHAR Port and Freezone arranged for the participation of 500 children from Sohar in the Al Mouj Muscat Marathon as part of its Get Sohar Active campaign

In line with its staunch commitment to engage the local community in embracing health and wellness, SOHAR Port and Freezone has joined forces with Oman Sail and the Directorate General of Education in North Batinah region to bring 500 school children to participate in the Kid’s Run at the Al Mouj Muscat Marathon this weekend. Mark Geilenkirchen, CEO of SOHAR Port and Freezone, fired the starting pistol to commence the Kids’ Race, which took place on Saturday, January 19. This activity is part of the larger Get Sohar Active initiative, which SOHAR is driving throughout the year.

“It was very inspirational to see the thousands of young children that were excited to participate in the Kid’s Run. Firing the starting pistol with the knowledge that 500 of those kids came from our community at Sohar was very empowering. These are our future leaders of tomorrow, and instilling a responsibility for their health at an early age will provide some very important lessons later in their lives,” said Mark.

Commenting on the importance of their participation, Suwaid Al Shamaisi, Executive Manager Corporate Affairs at SOHAR Port and Freezone said, “We seek to motivate the local community to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle by implementing several initiatives in line with ‘Get Sohar Active’. The initiative comprises of several activities for the whole community, including six training sessions for adults and children at the Sohar Sports Stadium throughout the year, together with nutrition and health information. Our aim is to ingrain a culture of health and wellness within our local community.”

The first Get Sohar Active session was conducted on January 12, and facilitated by Alpha Movement Specialist. The objective of the session was to prepare the people who were participating for the upcoming marathon. To further inspire running in the community, SOHAR will also provide designated running routes of 5km and 10km set out around the port and free zone for local runners.

“The Al Mouj Marathon was a perfect platform for us to showcase our support for the health and well-being of all the citizens of the country as well as providing an insight into the benefits of good fitness, dedication and hard work,” Suwaid added.

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