• March 20, 2015

SOHAR officials first in line to donate blood

SOHAR Port and Freezone employees have given blood during an annual campaign to fill Oman’s blood banks. The initiative is part of the corporate social responsibility programme at the logistics hub, and SOHAR Freezone CEO Jamal Aziz said staff that should be congratulated.

“The voluntary blood donation initiative is an annual campaign at SOHAR and the way in which staff and tenants have supported the campaign has been admirable. Many of those here today have extremely demanding jobs, and while giving blood can be done in minutes, the gesture of putting others’ needs ahead of their own shows how much they value life. It is also an expression of commitment towards the long-term objective of filling the blood banks of the Department of Blood Services at the Ministry of Health,” he said.


“Part of that commitment involves helping to create a culture whereby people donate voluntarily. This aim is already being realised and the Ministry of Health is phasing out ‘replacement donations’ in response to a positive trend in blood donations. But the banks are not full yet so we’ll continue working until they are.”

In partnership with the local blood bank and Jusoor, a non-profit community development organisation, the initiative aimed to raise awareness of the need for blood donations, securing safe blood, increasing blood supplies, ensuring there enough blood to meet inconsistent demand, and ultimately saving lives in Oman.

“The history of blood banking began in the 1970s so it is still a relatively new practice in Oman. At that time, the unavailability of blood donors locally meant blood had to be imported from the US. However, things are changing, and as more people donate blood I cannot see it being too long before Oman is self-sufficient.”

“Not only is this good economically, but it also means immediate access to lifesaving blood. We never know when we ourselves may need to call on blood banks, but if we all put in there will be enough for everyone.”

As with last years’ event, the one day blood donation campaign was held at SOHAR Port and Freezone Head Office, and engaged staff and tenants from between 9:00am to 3:00pm on Tuesday 24 March 2015.