• March 21, 2015

SOHAR continues its support for safer driving in Oman

SOHAR Port and Freezone will continue lending its support to safer driving in the Sultanate, Chief Executive Andre Toet has said. His comments compliment the logistics hub’s efforts to improve road safety and came on the morning of the last day of GCC Traffic Week, an important annual event held at Safeer Mall in Sohar.

“GCC driving week aims to highlight the dangers of road traffic accidents and inspire advocates for road safety from within communities across Oman. We fully support this and other important initiatives like it, and encourage people to learn about the role they can play in making Oman’s roads safer,” said Mr Toet.


As one of the world’s largest port and freezone development sites, SOHAR’s endorsement of GCC Traffic Week is intended to reinforce the message of road safety it sent to its 12,000 employees and tenants at SOHAR during its own highly successful ‘SOHAR Safer Driving Week’ campaign, held in December 2014.

Launched by Said bin Hamdoon bin Saif Al Harthy, Undersecretary of the Omani Ministry of Transport and Communications’ Ports and Maritime Affairs, the goal of SOHAR Safer Driving Week was to instil a personal approach to driving through seminars and hands-on activities that included defensive driving, crash test simulation, the impact of mobile phone use, and load safety for commercial vehicles, among other things.

“As a contributor to road traffic, our responsibility is clear and we have been encouraged by the positive response we received during SOHAR Safer Driving Week. We cannot prevent accidents, but the risks posed by traffic accidents, and our ability to reduce that risk, is something that we all share,” Mr Toet concluded.