• December 24, 2014

SOHAR Safer Driving Week to drive home important message

SOHAR Port and Freezone has announced the programme for its annual SOHAR Safer Driving Week, which will run from 16-18 December 2014. The 2014 campaign will combine defensive driving courses and crash simulators with activities that target Port and Freezone road users and highlight the need for a more personal focus on local road safety, said SOHAR Corporate Affairs Executive Manager Suwaid Al Shamaisi.


“While the number of deaths in road traffic accidents in Oman is in decline, some 12 percent of accidents in the Sultanate still turn out to be fatal. As a contributor to road traffic, we feel a sense of responsibility to ensure that everyone that passes through our gates is equipped to drive responsibly,” Suwaid Al Shamaisi.

“The planned initiatives will educate drivers about day-to-day risks and, long-term, aims to save lives across Oman. By focusing on Port and Freezone road users, SOHAR Port and Freezone will tackle potential dangers on the road more directly and will set a benchmark for other organisations to follow,” he added.


Said bin Hamdoon bin Saif Al Harthy, Undersecretary of Ministry of Transport and Communications’ Ports and Maritime Affairs will launch the three-day event, with Mr. Amor Nasser Amor Al Matani, Chairman of Oman Road Safety Association expected to provide an update on the status of road safety in Oman at the official opening ceremony on 16 December 2014. Shaima Murtadha Ali Al Lawati, CEO of the Oman Road Safety Association, will lead a seminar on the special driving risks present in local and global port areas.

Similar seminars will also be held on load safety for commercial vehicles and the effects of mobile phone use while driving. Other activities that include an SMS test and a daily flier drop will aim to further drive home important messages about safe driving within the community, according to SOHAR CEO Andre Toet.


“Safe driving is a serious matter, but it doesn’t start on the roads. It starts with a change in mentality, and while we cannot stop accidents from happening, changing attitudes through education programmes like the SOHAR Safer Driving Week is something we can do. As a leading business and employer of over 9,000 people, we have an obligation to instil this within every driver and on every road in Oman,” said Mr. Toet.

As part of its corporate social responsibility programme, SOHAR will use the event to bring key influencers, CEOs, and VIP guests together to amplify the importance of road safety among their respective circles of influence.