• April 28, 2014

SOHAR setting the course for future port management talent


SOHAR Port and Freezone has unveiled plans to host the first Port Management Program later this month. The Program will showcase the many elements of activity undertaken at the Port and Freezone and give attendees the opportunity to learn more about the skills and expertise needed to manage and run a world renowned economic driver.

Working closely with eight engineers from the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), the five-day course will outline the many aspects of the Port and Freezone, providing a unique opportunity for participants to learn more about the management of projects, tenants, technical and engineering procedures as well as managing all aspects of land and marine operation and maintenance. The Program will not only build and strengthen the relationship with MOTC it will also help share the wealth of experience and expertise SOHAR Port and Freezone has developed over the last decade in making SOHAR one of largest and most successful Port and Freezones in the world. Infrastructure developments, new investments and a newly launched brand identity are cementing SOHAR’s unequalled position to booming Gulf economies and to the rest of the world. During the five-day course participants will have the opportunity to meet and discuss port management with SOHAR Port CEO, Andre Toet and Freezone CEO, Jamal Aziz. In addition to this both the Oil Tanking and General Cargo Terminals will be showcased as will VALE operations along with an in-depth look at the marine department, technical department structure, utility development and a boat tour of the Port. 

Speaking about the forthcoming event, Andre Toet, SOHAR Chief Executive said: “SOHAR Port and Freezone is an amazing development, growing at incredible speeds with investments exceeding US$21 billion. These developments have not been created through luck; it is down to exceptional experience, leadership and knowledge and I’m delighted we’re able to pass this on to the next generation of leaders in the maritime industry. Although the history of the Port and Freezone may be relatively short, experience and expertise of those committed to taking SOHAR to the next level are at a premium and this is something we are keen to share.”