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  • February 26, 2017

SOHAR sets out bunkering ambitions with sponsorship deal

London, once home to the largest port in the world, provided the backdrop for SOHAR Port and Freezone to showcase what has contributed to an unparalleled period of growth. Investments totaling an incredible US$21 billion have catapulted SOHAR into the Premier League of the world’s Port and Freezone.


The continued focus on the development of marine service in SOHAR was highlighted through sponsorship of the Fifth Annual Bunker Lunch, held at Oxo Tower, London on the 17 February 2014. The event, which has become one of the highlights of this highly specialized industry’s annual calendar, saw SOHAR representatives host some of the most influential personnel from the marine fuel industry.

During a business networking lunch, the team from Oman outlined the bunkering credentials of SOHAR Port and Freezone and the importance of this industry to the Sultanate.


Bunker is the name given to the fuel used to operate ships and the term bunkering is the supply of that fuel. Shell Oman Marketing Company SAOG, the Oman-based Joint Stock Company, and Omanoil Matrix Marine Service Company LLC, a joint venture between Matrix Marine Holding Germany and Oman Oil Marketing Company, are the official suppliers of bunker to SOHAR Port and Freezone.


The importance of bunkering services is not to be underestimated, a point Andre Toet, SOHAR Port Chief Executive was keen to highlight: “It is critically important that SOHAR Port can provide first-rate bunkering services; it attracts non-captive ships to come to the Port and this in turn offers a larger volume base for our other service providers. The local economy benefits from selling more auxiliary services, like providing ship supplies and provisions, and receiving seafarers.”

Toet continued: “The resulting economies of scale create cost reductions right along the supply chain in Oman, so captive port users benefit too from more competitive service charges.”


SOHAR’s prime position as a deep-water port outside the Strait of Hormuz, coupled with the abundance of low-cost energy and feedstocks like petrochemicals, iron and steel, and aluminum, is also attracting more overseas investors than ever before. “We’ve got a fantastic package for every global player interested in the Gulf. Our expansion in container and general cargo capacity at the Port is mind-boggling. And under the stewardship of Jamal Aziz, the Chief Executive SOHAR Freezone, we have more and more downstream industries setting up business in our fast expanding Freezone,” added Mr Toet.