• February 26, 2014

SOHAR Port and Freezone signs agreement with College of Applied Science

The Chief Executive of SOHAR, Andre Toet, and the Dean of the College of Applied Science Sohar, Dr. Ali Hassan Al-Lawati today took part in official proceedings that will see both organisations working in a unique partnership to support the ongoing economic prosperity of Oman.

The partnership will give students the opportunity to partake in seminars and workshops, short-term training programs, utilise existing laboratories and work on research activities related to both parties.

As one of the largest port and freezone developments in the world, SOHAR has access to cutting edge technology, the highest standards of research, world-class training and development and a plethora of experience in a range of critical fields of education bringing invaluable expertise to students and crucial for the ongoing development of Oman.

The partnership will help support the sustainable development of the Sultanate of Oman by highlighting the advances within the region from both a social and economic perspective and also showcasing a modernised nation through advances in applied sciences. The partnership outlines SOHAR’s commitment to education and vocational training through scholarships, student development programmes and health and sports programmes for schools.

Speaking from at the signing ceremony, Mr Toet said: “As one of the Oman’s mega-projects and a key driver for the economy, SOHAR Port and Freezone has a clear responsibility for the ongoing development of both the region in terms of job creation and prosperity but also by supporting and working with the next generation of Omani workforce.

Mr Toet added: “It gives me great pleasure to sign this agreement today; this is a great example of both the public and private sectors coming together for the common goal of supporting the region. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the College of Applied Science and I personally look forward to working with the next generation of SOHAR Port and Freezone staff.”