• February 25, 2014

SOHAR plays important part in saving lives

SOHAR Port and Freezone will be encouraging all its tenants and workforce to get behind an initiative to give blood and help save a life.

In partnership with Majis Industrial Services Company and Veolia, a three-day campaign will give all staff associated with SOHAR Port and Freezone the opportunity to donate blood and help refill Oman’s blood banks.

As part of ongoing corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives the campaign, entitled: ‘Your blood gives life to others’, is aimed at raising the awareness of blood donation, securing safe blood, increasing the Sultanate’s blood supplies and, above all else, helping to save lives.

Speaking just before giving blood, Jamal Aziz, SOHAR Freezone Chief Executive said: “As an integral element of our ongoing CSR objectives, we are extremely proud to be part of such an important and worthwhile initiative. Raising awareness of the importance of blood donations throughout Oman is imperative in helping to maintain bloodstocks, but more than that it is crucial in saving lives.”

Jamal continued: “Giving blood is painless and takes just a few minutes, everyone can do it. SOHAR Port and Freezone is without a doubt one of the major economic drivers in Oman today and we have a responsibility to lead by example - and support the Sultanate in any way we can.”

The blood donor campaign will be running from Monday 10 February until Wednesday 12 February, daily from 9:00am to 4:00pm, on the grassy area specially set up behind the Majis Admin Building.