This guide presents basic important information for SOHAR Freezone clients. It covers most of the services offered by the One-Stop-Shop and the requirements to set up business in SOHAR Freezone, applicable regulations, and other general information that a client would usually need to know during the initial phase of any project. Available in English, Arabic and Farsi.


  From Prospect to Working Company

This guidance note informs prospective clients what steps will have to be taken (in most cases jointly) to become a client of the Freezone. 

  From Contract to Groundbreaking

This guidance note informs the Freezone client about the mandatory steps that need to be followed in order for groundbreaking on the plot to commence. All these steps will be coordinated by our One-Stop Shop Department. 

  Guidance Note on Labour and Visa

This is a guide for SOHAR Freezone working companies about the employment of Omanis and expatriates. Oman has a large available workforce and through legislation and enforcement the Omani government assures that appropriate “Omanization” levels are achieved. 

  Environmental Permit Application Guidelines 

The guideline presents procedures and mechanisms for obtaining environmental permits and ensuring that all operations in SOHAR Port and Freezone comply with international best practices in environmental management and continuous monitoring of the impact of operations on the environment. 

  Corridor and Utility Standard Booklet 

The main objective of this guideline is to have unified corridors and ROW for all utilities in line with the best international practices. It also comprises of regulations and guidance for future developments at SOHAR Port and Freezone and a way to make sure that tenant requests are delivered accordingly.

  PACDA Permit Guideline at SOHAR Site  

The guideline presents procedures and mechanisms for obtaining PACDA permits in SOHAR Port and Freezone.
To view the Arabic version, Click here.

  SOHAR Port and Freezone Rules and Regulations

This booklet contains Rules and Regulations of SOHAR Port and Freezone and have been designed to ensure the good order, safety, security and protection of lives and property, along with sound environmental practices in the SOHAR Port and Freezone Area. These Rules and Regulations also take into account the acknowledged commercial objectives of the Tenants, on an individual and collective basis. 

Technical Guideline RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS Inadvertently Incorporated into Scrap Metals

For importing and handling of scrap metal the Technical Guideline RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS Inadvertently Incorporated into Scrap Metals shall be followed at all times. The Guideline will be provided by SOHAR Port and Freezone to Port and Freezone users that handle metal scrap metals and can be provided on request.