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Apr, 2017

BE SAFE SOHAR 2017 bigger and better than ever before

In collaboration with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), Lifeline Hospital, TRISTAR, Sohar Institute for Management and Technology, Pubic Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance, Abdul Aziz and Brothers LLC, Ministry of Manpower and the Royal Oman Police, this year’s annual BE SAFE SOHAR events concluded successfully last week. SOHAR Port and Freezone’s Corporate Affairs team led the organisation of the three-day event that included many stakeholders from companies in and around the Port and Freezone.

“This year’s BE SAFE event was bigger and better than ever,” said Suwaid Al Shamaisi, Executive Manager Corporate Affairs at SOHAR Port and Freezone, and added: “a three-day exhibition of specialised, international safety equipment at our SOHAR HQ building was the focal point for a wide variety of events that targeted stakeholders from right across our tenant industries.”

Aim is to increase safety awareness in and around the Port

More active participants and more attendees than in previous years reflected continued double-digit growth at the North Batinah region’s logistical hub. With investments of US$26 billion and now handling over one million tonnes of cargo a week, SOHAR ranks as one of the world’s fastest growing port and free zone developments. This year’s events included a blood donation campaign to restock blood banks in local hospitals; first-aid and CPR training sessions; and a wide variety of seminars with sessions on Safety leadership; SEVESO - European Safety Standards; Road Transport Safety; Terminal Operations Safety; and a Behavioural Safety Workshop.

In addition, road users were invited to attend defensive driving courses with activities that highlighted the need for a focus on local road safety both inside and outside the Port and Freezone areas. CPS, the company that led the course, worked with attendees on professional driving simulators to assess their skills and measure knowledge of road rules and regulations, as well as driver behaviour.

Exhibitors were awarded trophies to thank them for their contribution and participants received certificates to mark their successful completion of the programme. At the closing ceremony, Engineer Ahmed Al Mazroui, CEO of Majis Industrial Services Company, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the team at SOHAR Port and Freezone for all of their efforts to raise awareness of safety and security both in the Port area and on the region’s roads.

“There is still a lot to be done in terms of educating Oman’s road users about the day-to-day risks involved with driving, especially in higher risk areas like our Port,” explained Mark Geilenkirchen, SOHAR Port and Freezone CEO. “The safety of our staff and of all road users at SOHAR Port and Freezone is critically important to us and we will continue to work on an on-going basis with the ROP and all other relevant authorities to continually reduce the number and the severity of road accidents in the Sultanate.