HSE Management

Waste Management

Standard in the SOHAR Port and Freezone is that generation of waste should be prevented and, if this is not possible, minimalized. Generation of waste, and its sources, shall be:

Identified; Analysed; Quantified (either by direct measurement or using appropriate methods of estimation); Recorded; Reported.

The following waste management strategy should be considered by the (potential) waste producing Tenants, or Permit Holders:

Pollution prevention - elimination, change or reduction of operating practices which result in wastes.

Source reduction - generation of less waste through more efficient processes.

Re-use - of the use of materials or products that are reusable in their original form.

Recycling/recovery - the conversion of waste into useable materials, or the extraction of energy or materials from the waste.

Treatment - the destruction, detoxification and/or neutralization of residues.

Responsible disposal - depositing wastes using appropriate methods for a given situation.

Waste that is generated, stored, transported and treated shall be managed according to the environmental law and rules which are regulating the Waste:

Basel Convention Ministerial Decision 17/93, Regulations for Management of solid Non-Hazardous Waste

Ministerial Decision 18/93, Regulations for the Management of Hazardous Waste

At present the Ministry of National Economy formulates a National Strategy on solid waste, with juridical and commercial norms. This will give a framework for the implementation of solid waste in Oman.
Sohar Environmental Unit (SEU)

In May 2008 an agreement was signed between DCMR (the Government Environmental Agency in Rotterdam, Netherlands) and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs of Oman to cooperate in setting up the Sohar Environmental Unit (SEU). The goal of the SEU is to control and monitor the environmental situation in the Port area by issuing environmental permits, execute inspections, use enforcement if necessary and monitor the air, water, soil quality in the port area and surrounding residential areas. SEU also controls nuisance like noise and odour. The SEU is also in the process of setting up an emergency and message centre that can be reached 24 hours a day at +968 9777 0772.

For all enquiries to Sohar Environmental Unit, please email seu@meca.gov.om