At the core of SOHAR Port and Freezone`s objectives is a desire to create the necessary environment for socially responsible business practice, sustainable production and clean and safe operation. SOHAR Port and Freezone, in its capacity as a port authority, is responsible for establishing the framework for health, safety, environment, emergency and security.
Vessel Safety

It is the harbour master office responsibility for ensuring the safety of vessels and operations. By doing so, the Marine safety Department makes sure that all the required documents and certificates are valid (see section 3.2) in order to know that the vessel is safe and strong enough to go through its required operations here at the port. Addition to this, the Marine safety officers will also inspect the vessel upon arrival to make sure that the vessel is complying with all International and national safety standards. In addition to our checks, the terminals also have their own pre-checks and inspections. If however the vessel may not be complying with the required standard; the ship will be detained until Port State Control arrives who then inspects the vessel and decides whether the vessel can continue with its operations or not.

Please note that the Port State Control is a Government body who reserves the right to detain or restrict a ship from coming into the port if necessary.
Emergency Response

The Port Coordination Center (PCC) is operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If and when there is an emergency or incident big or small, the PCC must be informed immediately on channels 71/16 or by telephone on (+968) 26 852777/ (+968) 99342699.

The PCC will contact the concerned parties such as ROP OGIS, Oman Civil Defense, Coast Guard and Terminal Operators who are all located within the SIP area. In addition to this, other tenant companies have their own fire fighting trucks and ambulances that are within the port who can offer help if needed.

Please see further information on emergency response procedures here

Should a seaman need urgent medical assistance from a clinic or hospital, the PCC will coordinate along with the agents to take them by ambulance to a designated hospital/ clinic depending on the urgency needed.

A clinic run by Badr Al Sama is already based in the port next to Oman aromatics and is opened 24 hours.

SOHAR Port and Freezone consists of several different terminals. Each terminal has their own Port Facility Security Officer who makes sure that security standards of their terminal are maintained. By doing so an ISPS inspection is carried out within the terminals regularly. An ISPS inspection is also carried out by the Port State Control Officer on board vessels to check if they are in compliance with ISPS rules and regulations (if and when needed without prior notice).

Certified member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)

SOHAR Port and Freezone is a member of ASIS, which is a worldwide organization for security professionals. The society is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals by developing educational programmes and materials and leading the way for advanced and improved security perfomance.