World Port Network

Connecting world-class ports across the globe.

The World Port Network opens up a world of opportunities for businesses by connecting them to strategic markets around the world. Port of Rotterdam’s involvement ensures world-class port facilities, safe, reliable and efficient operations as well as a transparent business environment.

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam has over 600 years’ experience in successfully managing and developing world-class port infrastructures in Rotterdam and internationally. It is the largest port in Europe and the eighth largest in the world, and has utilised its wealth of knowledge, experience and international connections to create international ventures and ports in growth markets such as Brazil, China, Russia, and India.

Porto Central

Porto Central is a major greenfield port development, strategically located in proximity of the economic heartland of Brazil. This joint venture between the Brazilian company TPK Logística S/A and the Port of Rotterdam will serve as the gateway to the states of Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Goiás, Mato Grosso, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. This region accounts for 64% of Brazil’s GDP and provides access to more than 100 million people.

Besides its proximity to the main agricultural regions and iron ore producing areas, Porto Central is located near Brazil’s major offshore oil and gas fields, making it a perfect location for offshore support, oil handling and storage. Porto Central will be the landlord port manager, with best-in-class terminal operators, serving the industry with large scale, common user, 25-metre deep-water drafts, and port facilities for all cargo types. Construction is expected to start in 2017.

World Port Network

Expansion plans

The World Port Network continues to grow and attract partnerships in Southeast Asia and on the Indian subcontinent. Indonesia’s growing population and prosperity offer many interesting business and investment opportunities. The country is aiming to become a regional and global maritime powerhouse. Port of Rotterdam supports Indonesia’s ambitions to expand and upgrade its port infrastructure through various projects and will be setting up a representative office in Jakarta early in 2016.

Port of Rotterdam signed an agreement with Pelindo I for the joint development of Kuala Tanjung port in North Sumatra. Kuala Tanjung is part of a comprehensive regional development strategy encompassing hinterland development as well as the Port of Belawan and the Sei Mangkei Special Economic Zone.

A joint venture will develop and manage the port according to the same landlord port management model as successfully deployed in Rotterdam and SOHAR. Currently a joint project organization is preparing a feasibility study for Kuala Tanjung, expected to be completed mid-2016.

As India is likely to surpass China in terms of GDP growth by 2016, and in population by 2022, Port of Rotterdam recently started cooperating with Adani, India’s largest port operator. Both parties are jointly working on the further development of the port and Special Economic Zone of Mundra, located in Gujarat.